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Provides best human resources presence across nation.

Permanent based services

Omantra Technologies is one of the leaders in India supplying skilled. We cater to the HR solutions requirements of various industries, organizations and companies. We have an excellent track record of fulfilling all the orders that we have received from the industries.

We have a huge clientele and big brands as our clients to whom we are providing our manpower services. Please feel free to contact us for contract based, permanent based employees.

Benefits of permanent employees.

Employers are much likely to offer holiday and vacation benefits, sick leave, profit or gain sharing benefits, or health insurance to workers in these regular full-time employees.

Employees may offer training or professional development opportunities for their full-time employees. You can take advantage of these resources to improve your abilities at work and further your career. These opportunities may even make you enjoy work more, as it shows that your employer values you and wants to see you succeed.

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